2022: A Year of Coding Challenges and Triumphs - My Developer Recap

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2022: A Year of Coding Challenges and Triumphs - My Developer Recap

Hey there, my name is Dhruv Sood and I'm a first-year engineering student just trying to navigate the world of college. As a recent high school grad, I've got a lot to reflect on from the past year, and what better way to do that than through a blog? Now, I know you might be thinking "just another boring tech blog," but hold on tight, because I'm not just going to be talking about computer science - I'm throwing some science in there too.

So, a little background on me - I chose non-medical in 11th grade and ended up topping my school with a whopping 96% in 12th grade. Now, I know some of you might be thinking "Wow, that's impressive," but let's be real, I had a bit of a secret weapon - Python.

But, here's the thing, I'll admit, I didn't put in as much effort as I should have in 11th and 12th grade, I just watched a quick overview of the theories before my exams and had very less knowledge of python. But, I'm excited to say that I'm making up for lost time now and diving deep into the world of coding. So, if you want to join me on my coding journey, stay tuned to this blog, and I'll keep you updated on my progress and all the cool stuff I'm learning.

Okay, so let's talk about what I did after 12th. I know, I know, it's a thrilling topic. So, as soon as my high school days were behind me, I started thinking about what's next? I had my JEE mains (which we'll talk about another time), but let's just say it didn't go as well as I hoped. I didn't make it into an IIT or NIT, but I knew that was a long shot since I only prepared for my boards. But instead of taking a gap year, I decided to dive right into engineering.

After my mains, I started exploring different programming languages and I decided to give Java a shot. But, after a few basic lectures, I didn't get the vibe. So, I switched gears and decided to try my hand at C.

So, after I got comfortable with C, I decided to explore C++ and I was loving it. But, as with anything in life, there were some bumps in the road. One of those bumps was when we were introduced to recursion. As a developer, you know the struggle of understanding recursion, so I won't bore you with the details. But, I know, you all can feel me.

I overcame my boredom with recursion by practising more and more questions until I finally got the hang of it. Fast forward to November, and my university classes were starting. I was excited to dive in and, let me tell you, the first month was full of enjoyment (although, I did get a little too excited and ended up with a short attendance). But, here's the funny part, in our university, I was expecting them to start with C or C++, but nope, they reintroduced me to Python. I was like "Really? Python again? okay, Let's do this!"

Alright, so let me tell you about my experience with Python. As I had already learned C++ and had less knowledge of Python, I found that all I really needed was to brush up on the syntax. And let me tell you, switching to Python again from C++ was surprisingly easy.

So, that's pretty much my story for 2022. To summarize,

  • I topped in my school,

  • learned C,

  • then C++ and

  • Python again.

And now, I'm excited to keep learning new things and share my journey with all of you. I hope I didn't bore you too much and if you're an experienced developer, maybe I even got you feeling a bit nostalgic? I mean, who doesn't love a good throwback to the days of coding struggles and breakthroughs? Anyway, tell me in the comments, if you're feeling it too, and send me a virtual high five (or a wink, whichever you prefer) for all the progress I've made this year.